I am flawed, but I am cleaning up so well

is it just me
Or anyone else getting a lot of spam replies lately?

I made a commitment to update and go to the gym regularly. I find it funny that I actually go to the gym way more than I update. I've been doing progressively good. I can do more than 30 minutes on the elliptical and I've increased the weights on the weights station. I skipped all of last week though. My dermatitis was getting really bad and I figured it maybe because of the sweating but like Wednesday, I finally realized I could ask the pharmacist for a cream and he recommended this psoriasis cream that seems to be working but I still took the week off.

Yesterday, dad got Sprint's family plan and I got a new phone! Samsung Galaxy S3(and a new number, you can message me for it). Rog is buying my old phone.

Codeacademy has Ruby now, so I'm giving that a go.

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Thanks to everyone who supported my Relay for Life fundraiser! Here's a new layout; inspired by this year's kick-ass film and car releases.

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So I washed and retwisted my locs on Monday cuz I was too lazy to go with the 'rents to the hairdresser on Sunday. I didn't use any locking gel, I just rubbed my scalp with my tea tree/castor oil mix and it surprisingly stayed, Theyre a bit puffy now but I like it.

Also tried the elliptical Monday, while I love the treadmill it doesn't necessarily love my feet. I had tried the elliptical before but I failed horribly. So I thought I could do it now that I'm doing great on the treadmill. I was not ready. I realize now I didn't pace myself properly, so now I'm doing a mix of both til I get it right. I think I'm going to start the shred next week, we'll see.
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good thing I'm better at exercising than I am at journaling
So I've been exercising 5 days a week, sometimes it's 4 or 3 but I'm still doing it. I'm also keen on my portion control. Increased the weights for my strength training and that went well as expected. The treadmill is a different story, I increased my top speed 4.0 and had to stop with less than 10 minutes to go. I honestly didn't think going from 3.8  to 4.0 would be such a big deal but it was.

I really need to get a job though. This house is not for me.

Working on my fitness
Went to the gym with my dad in the morning and walked with them yesterday afternoon. Went to the gym by myself today cuz he wasn't feeling well. Figured out the spinning thingy and did better on the treadmill. I got the Insanity DVDs. I have no upper body strength and my arms are very weak, so gonna work on that.

I wanna do a small herb garden on the patio. I think I've shortened the list to what I will plant now I just need to figure out what I'll need.

Reworking resume and cover letter, again. Doing two of each, one for IT jobs and the other for not IT specific jobs.

finally got some exercise
I did not get out of bed to go to gym with my dad, I tried but the bed won. I did go walking with them this evening though.

Went with my dad while he ran some errands. Some dude walking with his girl was giving me eyes and quick smiles in the furniture store. He even brushed his hand against mine when he walked past me. Ewww!

Uncle Claud
I just remembered I had taken scan of my granduncle(grandma's bro) when he was in the hospital. He was featured in Jamaica Gleaner's Outlook Magazine in 2010.
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Back home
Flight was good except TSA inspected my bag and spilled some of my tea tree oil :(

Got my hair washed and re-twisted.

Now that I got visiting family out the way, time to buckle down on brushing up on my skills and job search.

Also, gonna start running again, I am way too inactive.

Tried Quince tonight, it was in Publix for $1.99 and I was curious. According to Wiki its related to apples and pears and it does look and taste it does. But I don't like it, it's more fibrously than juicy.

I wanted to make Edamame but they only had it already cooked and shelled and I wanna cook it myself.

Back to Florida!
My bag is packed and under the weight limit, got my book to read on the stop over. My flight is at 8:51am and I'm not a morning person.

Been trying to do a DVD for my cousin and it's just not working at all.

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