I am flawed, but I am cleaning up so well

finally got some exercise
I did not get out of bed to go to gym with my dad, I tried but the bed won. I did go walking with them this evening though.

Went with my dad while he ran some errands. Some dude walking with his girl was giving me eyes and quick smiles in the furniture store. He even brushed his hand against mine when he walked past me. Ewww!

Uncle Claud
I just remembered I had taken scan of my granduncle(grandma's bro) when he was in the hospital. He was featured in Jamaica Gleaner's Outlook Magazine in 2010.
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Back home
Flight was good except TSA inspected my bag and spilled some of my tea tree oil :(

Got my hair washed and re-twisted.

Now that I got visiting family out the way, time to buckle down on brushing up on my skills and job search.

Also, gonna start running again, I am way too inactive.

Tried Quince tonight, it was in Publix for $1.99 and I was curious. According to Wiki its related to apples and pears and it does look and taste it does. But I don't like it, it's more fibrously than juicy.

I wanted to make Edamame but they only had it already cooked and shelled and I wanna cook it myself.

Back to Florida!
My bag is packed and under the weight limit, got my book to read on the stop over. My flight is at 8:51am and I'm not a morning person.

Been trying to do a DVD for my cousin and it's just not working at all.

Went to Coney Island
It was fun, rode the Cyclone and lost my shades but it was worth it.

Had funnel cake, love! and candied apple which wasn't as great as I remembered.

this trip to NY didn't turn out as planned
Upside, I should be in Canada or on my way there now. My grandma and grand uncle both had to go to the hospital. They're both released now, my uncle needs oxygen and he's not pleased cuz it's gonna cramp his style. And Grandma may need a pacemaker later on.

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I want my weekend back!
stuff face
Spent the weekend with bana05 and bj :) Aside from the underwhelming offerings of Jacksonville and a spastic DJ that was cock blocking our recklessness, I had a great time. It was great finally meeting them and Halo. It was nice to hang with people with similar interests again.

Next week is my driving test and after that I'll be in NY for a week or so.

Dear America,
I'm here, adjusting.

Getting used to the coins, the sameness of your paper money. Driving on the right side of the road and apparently in Fl you don't have to have license plate on the front of the car. Studying the driver's handbook atm.

Also making plans to meet friends and fam.

Also, it's weird for it to be 7/8 pm and there's still lotsa light outside.

smoking fucks you up and then it kills you

I've been taking to watching old tv show streams(,, and in between shows they show old ads and theyre almost all smoking ads about how good cigarettes are for your "ears, nose, throat and accessory organs". I laughed harder at that one.

Now Rog's Uncle has surgery tomorrow cuz his throat is fucked from smoking. I don't find them so funny anymore.

I have one friend that's a smoker and he says he's going to quit and I try not to be a nag but now I'm gonna nag until he quits.

Inside Men

See a new show called Inside Men
Proceed to youtube to watch trailer
"Hey, that's Ian Reed from Luther!"
Nice to see him--
"Wait, she was in Luther too!"
What is this, the Luther refugee show?

So yeah, I'll be watching Inside Men
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